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Frequently asked questions

Website usage
Q: Where to start for a new user?
A: You should start by clicking "Create Expert Advisor" in menu. Fill in some name for new EA (that you can easily find it later in the list under the "Saved EAs" menu) and click "Start creating EA". You will be able to find all required information here. Click on question marks [?] near the fields or lists to get more information. They are everywhere on this web application and it should help you understand usage of this tool faster.

Q: What are those "signals" used everywhere on website?
A: Signal is instruction for EA to do any action. E.g. When EA gets opening signal, it opens position, when EA gets closing signal it closes position, when EA gets stop trading signal it does not trade anymore until you restart EA manually or EA receives start trading signal.

Q: What does list of signals mean?
A: When all signals in one list is active, then EA gets main signal and takes action. E.g. when all opening buy signals are congruous with each other EA receives main buy signal and opens a long position.

Q: What if I need only one rule to open a trade?
A: In this case, create only one signal - it will act as the main signal. However creating more than one signal in a list can help you filter bad trades. Usually traders traders use several rules that must be met in order to identify trend and open position. We leave it at your own creativity, as everyone have their own rules and strategies to trade.

Q: I am a programmer myself. Why should I use this website when I can program EAs myself?
A: When you are creating a new strategy you most probably do not know if it is profitable. Then you spend hours, days or even weeks to create it. After spending long time you find out that your strategy is not profitable like it looked in theory. You just have lost much time (which is also money to most people). With EA Creator you would have spent minutes instead of days when creating a new system. It is not easy to create profitable EA, so it usually takes many try-fail before you create really profitable system. By using this website you can save much time and efforts.

Q: I do not find some very important functionality for me here. What could I do to have this functionality?
A: You can program your own signal, upload *.mqh type file and use it as any other signal created on this website. If this is not enough, you can subscribe to PRO service and get EA's all source code, which you can edit and adapt to your own needs. If you have some good idea of functionality that can be useful on this website, please contact us and we will work on adding this functionality while improving this website.

Q: Can I use my own indicators when creating EA?
A: Yes, you can upload custom indicator (*.mq4 file). It will be listed below the standard indicators when creating EA. Indicator parameters and modes are taken from indicator source file automatically, so it could be used much easier while creating new signals.

Created Expert Advisors
Q: Why don't I see some functionality, described on homepage?
A: All functionality described on homepage you will get with any type of subscription. You should check if you have selected this functionality in "Additional Functionality" page on this website while creating EA. Also you should check all inputs (EA parameters) on Metatrader. All parameters are described in documentation, so you have much control of EA even after downloading it. You can manage EA trading options and optimize it by changing inputs on Metatrader.

Q: Why does my EA work on demo, but does not make any trades if I use it for live trading?
A: There are 2 types of EA: demo trading version and live trading version (not applicable to PRO users, who always get live version with source code). If EA does not trade on live account probably you are using demo version of EA. If you decided to use this EA live then download live trading EA.

Q: Can anyone get my strategies?
A: We take reasonable means to protect your strategies and personal data from outside parties. We will never sell your startegies or EAs to anyone and we will not provide any signal services by using our clients strategies. Your privacy is important to us. All web pages with sensitive information are SSL encoded in order to keep information safe while it is transferred between your computer and our servers.